This was Jamie’s first solo shoot, having done a couple of duo shoots for other producers previously.  This tall, fit scally lad from Manchester certainly looked the part in his Nike gear – shiny black trackies, grey vest, white and blue trainers – not to mention some football shorts and a white NY baseball cap.  

Initially Jamie teased us by thrusting his hand down his trackie bottoms and playing with his cock, gradually getting it hard whilst he watched some porn.  Slowly but surely he began to take his kit off to reveal his fit, toned body as well as that nice, thick uncut 8-inch dick.  As he jerked off, Jamie showed a bit of bad attitude by drinking a can of lager and giving a one-fingered gesture to the camera!  

Next Jamie turned on to his front and played around with his ass a bit, including thrusting his finger inside.  Although Jamie is mainly a bottom lad, he said he had hardly ever used a sex-toy.  Time to put that right!  Jamie took the dildo and forced it up his tight man-hole, slowly at first but gradually getting it in deeper and deeper as he moaned with pleasure.

Then Jamie wanked off some more, gradually building up speed to a crescendo, before his could contain his man juices no more as they spurted out over his body.  Jamie was a bit hungry so he took some of his jizz in his fingers and put it in his mouth.  He then smeared what was left all over his lean body.

Finally Jamie chilled out by having a shower.  Naturally we filmed it, so enjoy as this fit, horny lad soaps up and rubs down.

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Jamie’s first solo shoot
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