UK bad boy Mike jerks off

Mike did a shoot for me about 3 years ago before this site was launched and I remember him as a hot horny scally fucker.  He hasn’t changed!  He wanted to do an outdoor shoot.  Unfortunately it was a typical British summers day  overcast, breezy and cool, so I couldn’t risk a proper outdoor shoot in case it started pissing down.  However, we did manage to do part of the shoot outdoors in the back garden.  We just prayed that none of the neighbours came by or saw us from their upstairs window!  Actually this element of risk made the shoot quite exciting!

Mike started out by playing with himself whilst having a cigarette against the garden fence.  Then he slowly pulled his trackies down to show us a nice bulge of his cock rubbing against his white underwear.  These also came down and soon Mike was wanking al-fresco and he didn’t give a fuck if anyone saw him!  He then sat down and jerked off more before turning around and kneeling down on the chair with his ass stuck in the air as he playfully fingering his tight hole.

Then inside we went and Mike continued his horny show, with more wanking off and then some feet fetish stuff as he sniffed his smelly, sweaty socks and trainers.  After a little more fingering, Mike was ready to take a nice lubed up dildo up his ass.  This versatile lad thrust this sex toy up and down, deep inside his eager man-hole.  It clearly had the effect of making him even more horny because when he pulled it out he was ready to shoot his hot, sticky cum load all over his stomach and chest.  Cannot wait to get him down for another shoot soon.

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Jamie’s first solo shoot

This was Jamie’s first solo shoot, having done a couple of duo shoots for other producers previously.  This tall, fit scally lad from Manchester certainly looked the part in his Nike gear – shiny black trackies, grey vest, white and blue trainers – not to mention some football shorts and a white NY baseball cap.  

Initially Jamie teased us by thrusting his hand down his trackie bottoms and playing with his cock, gradually getting it hard whilst he watched some porn.  Slowly but surely he began to take his kit off to reveal his fit, toned body as well as that nice, thick uncut 8-inch dick.  As he jerked off, Jamie showed a bit of bad attitude by drinking a can of lager and giving a one-fingered gesture to the camera!  

Next Jamie turned on to his front and played around with his ass a bit, including thrusting his finger inside.  Although Jamie is mainly a bottom lad, he said he had hardly ever used a sex-toy.  Time to put that right!  Jamie took the dildo and forced it up his tight man-hole, slowly at first but gradually getting it in deeper and deeper as he moaned with pleasure.

Then Jamie wanked off some more, gradually building up speed to a crescendo, before his could contain his man juices no more as they spurted out over his body.  Jamie was a bit hungry so he took some of his jizz in his fingers and put it in his mouth.  He then smeared what was left all over his lean body.

Finally Jamie chilled out by having a shower.  Naturally we filmed it, so enjoy as this fit, horny lad soaps up and rubs down.

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Jake uses a dildo

Jake is a well fit, but cute, scally boy from Manchester.  He loves standing on street corners watching all the other fit scallies and chavs in his area as they muck around and generally cause a nuisance!  For this shoot he turned up in some shiny blue trackie bottoms, red England football shirt, black baseball cap and white socks.  He also has some fucking great tattoos – as you will see when he takes his top off!

This horny lad took no time at all to get hard and he was soon playing around, feeling his chest and nipples, as well as his cock down his pants.  He slowly undressed to reveal that nice, big 7.5-inch dick, plus those tats!  He stroked his cock up and down, first of all lying down and then standing up.  Then Jake showed us his cute, peachy ass and he played around with it, first fingering his hole and then forcing a dildo inside. 

Then we did a kinky scene where Jake took off one of his smelly, sweaty socks and rubbed it into his face, before rubbing it up against his uncut cock and then breathing in those feet and cock smells.  Then he did the same with his well worn boxers.  Sweet!  

I think Jake could have gone on for hours, but we needed to wrap up the shoot.  A little more jerking off followed before he spurted his white creamy cum load all over his body.  Then this horny scally fucker took some of it in his fingers and put it in his mouth.

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Scally lad Sam and his Fleshlight

We were delighted to get Sam to do a shoot for UKSL, after talking about it for ages!  This cheeky little lad lives just outside London, with his boyfriend who also does porn.  Lets hope to get them to do a duo scene together soon.

Sam wore navy blue trackie bottoms, a red England footy top, white Adidas trainers and a blue Adidas cap.  Although he said he didn’t need it I put porn on in the background and left him to it.  He didn’t take long to get rock hard – I could see the evidence of his cock bulging up inside his trackies!  Sam then started to jerk off, moaning with pleasure as he rubbed his nice, juicy 8-inch cock up and down as he lay back on the sofa.  He smoked a ciggie and drank some beer as this hot, horny wank-fest continued.

Sam brought along a couple of sex toys of his own to spice up the shoot.  First, he clasped a large FleshLight over his stiff uncut dick and proceeded to fuck the hell out of it.  Then, although normally a top, he used a butt plug on his tight man-hole, sliding it in gently at first, before building up speed and forcing it all the way in.

Finally after an awesome performance, Sam was ready to unload.  Lying back on the sofa he jerked off some more before he shot a fountain of hot, sticky jizz high into the air and then all over his body.  He then licked some of it up.  Very hot!

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Straight UK hunk gets his ass licked

Str8 hunk Zack is on “experimental form today” and he gets stripped to his boxers by Kev and looking at the bulge is not just semi but rock hard! So when Kev pulls its out he gets to see Zack’s hard-on and what else can you do except put the str8 lads cock in your mouth! Kev gives him some teasy tongue action before diving down and deep throating Zack whose only response is lie back and enjoy!

When Kev’s wandering tongue slides up Zack’s hole he isn’t quite sure what to do, it feels good though should a lad have his tongue up your ass!? He gets over that and is soon wanking off Kev and decides to stretch his jaw managing to gobble up nearly all of Kev’s very thick and long uncut cock. After all this playing Kev shoots another of his massive loads all over Zack, who returns the favour by squirting his own load on Kev; two very big dumps!

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