Str8 hunk Zack is on “experimental form today” and he gets stripped to his boxers by Kev and looking at the bulge is not just semi but rock hard! So when Kev pulls its out he gets to see Zack’s hard-on and what else can you do except put the str8 lads cock in your mouth! Kev gives him some teasy tongue action before diving down and deep throating Zack whose only response is lie back and enjoy!

When Kev’s wandering tongue slides up Zack’s hole he isn’t quite sure what to do, it feels good though should a lad have his tongue up your ass!? He gets over that and is soon wanking off Kev and decides to stretch his jaw managing to gobble up nearly all of Kev’s very thick and long uncut cock. After all this playing Kev shoots another of his massive loads all over Zack, who returns the favour by squirting his own load on Kev; two very big dumps!

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Straight UK hunk gets his ass licked
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