This is the horniest I have seen Justin, forget kissing he is on his knees squeezing Jason’s cock through his jeans showing off Jason’s impressive bulge! The jeans are soon off and Justin is trying to suck Jason through his boxers and manages to get Jason’s cock head out the leg of his boxers and he locks on! Jason is well aroused and is loving Justin playing with his foreskin.

Justin pulls down Jason’s boxers and almost gets knocked out by the size of Jason’s erection! Its near full hard so Justin just gobbles down the whole thing! Some great sucking on each other… then Justin rims Jason, who is soon within a second of agreeing to get fucked!

Though after an orgasmic rimming he is soon pushing his bit fat cock into Justin’s hole, who groans, intensely, before starting to push back for even more! Justin is a greedy hole and once he is in the flow he just cant get enough, riding Jason’s cock and pushing down on its length and fatness for his total hole workout! Justin gets it rough and hard riding his climax before letting go and pumping out his cum; Jason quickly follows.

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Jason fucks Justin
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