Janusz Gol fucks Tommy Benson

Tommy Benson has been around our block a few times, now he’s back to give newcomer Janusz Gol a go! They get right to it, too; as fast as they can get undressed, Janusz is sinking his big uncut dick down Tommy’s throat.

The Polish lifeguard even bends over to suck Tommy’s dick while Tommy reciprocates with a handjob. These two get into some nipple play and frottage as they heat things up. Janusz bends Tommy into something of a pretzel to expose his hole, spitting on it and fingering him to loosen him up.

Once Tommy is warmed up and ready to go, Janusz pulls his legs over his shoulders and impales him with his cock. For a straight-ish guy who’s only experimented a few times, Janusz sure seems comfortable pounding an ass! He rolls Tommy over andgives it to him doggystyle before Tommy decides he wants to ride that pole.

While Janusz hammers his hips up against him, Tommy strokes furiously, eventually shooting a huge load and no doubt splattering Janusz’ face! He dismounts so Janusz can jack off and shoot his own load, as well.

Download the full video here

Janusz Gol fucks Tommy Benson
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