Super Hung 20 year old chav lad, Clayton, has a forceful session with cute twinky lad, Sonny, in this really strong new scene.

Sonny cant keep his hands off the large bulge hanging down the side of Clayton’s grey trackie bottoms, and after sucking on his nipples, Sonny gets onto his knees, and takes down Claytons trackies, and rubs and squeezes his semi-hard, thick. uncut 9 incher, before pulling off his boxers, and starting to suck on it gently. Clayton gets hard quickly, and starts to fuck Sonnys mouth, which he takes as well as he can, but Clayton is pretty forceful and his cock is pretty huge!

Sonny has been rock hard himself the whole time, and Clayton gets onto his knees to suck Sonny, demonstrating his deep throating skills, as he effortlessly swallows Sonny’s solid 6.5 incher. Moving onto the floor, Sonny sucks Clayton again, with more forceful face-fucking, as Clayton tries to get Sonny to suck as deep and as fast as he can. Then Sonny sits on Claytons face, and gets his arse licked and his hole probed by Clayton, who loves rimming, and gets his tongue right in there.

The fucking is awesome. Sonny starts off by sitting himself slowly down onto Claytons now throbbing 9 incher, and once its all the way, he starts to slide himself up and down it, then leans back to let Clayton do some stronger thrusting. Then Clayton fucks him up against the wall, and gives him a harder pounding, varying his speeds and technique making it a pretty intense fuck. Then Sonny lays on his back for a final pounding, which makes him ready to burst, and he shoots a nice thick load, before Clayton moves round and sticks his hardon into Sonnys mouth and jerks off into it, spewing a seriously huge load all over his face and into his mouth.


Super hung Clayton fucks Sonny
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