Luke wakes up next to his beautiful boyfriend with his usual morning wood and takes a quick shower, get’s dressed and prepares to leave for work. But he knows William’s got a hard-on beneath that duvet and can’t resist kissing it goodbye for the day! But it’s on his way home from work that things really heat up – he innocently stops to give a stranger a light for his cigarette and gets pounced on for sex.

Luke just can’t refuse – he didn’t have time to jerk-off that morning and he’s had a raging boner all day. William’s soon on his knees and sucking Luke’s mammoth cock before moving him inside from the alley so he can fuck him good and proper! Stopping mid way through for another bout of blowjobs (both guys having sensational uncut cocks) they finish up with Luke cumming while getting fucked… and William leaves Luke with something to remember him by too.

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William fucks Luke @ Blake Mason
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