Billy gets fucked by a massive cock

OK guys.. get ready for possibly the HOTTEST scene on HardBritLads so far! Two of my favourite models, stunning young Luke with his tight 6 pack and massive thick 9 incher, gets it on with super fit young scaffolder Billy. These two just couldnt keep their hands off each other as I was getting set up, which is always a good start! And as soon as the camera was rolling, Billy and Luke were rock solid, kissing and groping, sticking their hands down each others pants, eager to get right into the action as quick as they could.

But Billy was able to restrain himself long enough to lick and suck Lukes nipples, before getting onto his knees to release Lukes massive dick bulging inside his trackies. Billy sucks eagerly, and ive seen Billy deepthroat a thick 8 inches no problem.. but he couldnt get all the way down Lukes whopper.. almost tho.. and he has several good goes at it, before Lukes gets down onto his knees to suck Billy.

The sucking here is all great, and then get their trackies off before getting onto the bed for some more sucking – stronger this time, as Luke pushes Billy head forcefully, making sure his cock goes as far down Billys throat as possible. Then Lukes sucks Billy, and again, its forceful, and Billy face fucks Luke.

Then Billy gets on all fours to suck Luke whilst Luke leans over him to play with his arse, pulling his cheeks apart, getting his fingers wet, rubbing his tight hole and then fingering him.

By this time, Lukes cock is so solid its twitching, and he is really eager to get that horsedick up Billys fit arse. First, he fucks him on his side, starting slow, but quickly building up to stronger fucking. Then Billy sits on Lukes cock and rides it, with Luke lifting him up and down on it. As if this wasnt enough, he then fucks him in a third position, on his back, and this time he really goes for it, giving Billy a real pounding. Luckily Billy can take a big cock, but by this time, Billy couldnt hold himself back any longer and shot a great load over his 6 pack before Luke pulls out to shoot a HUGE load over Billys chest.

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