Everyone has a price, and after much negotiation, I managed to persuade Super- Hung straight bodybuilder Stefan Stewart to go all the way with a guy. And guys, this scene delivers on SO many levels! I paired Stefan up with Sam Bishop because Sam can deepthroat more expertly than any other lad Ive worked with, and Stefan was very keen to have his thick 9 incher sucked really deep, having never had the pleasure of that before.. plus Sam can take a big cock really well.

We start off gently, with Sam oiling up Stefans incredible body, rubbing oil into his broad solid pecs, his spectacular 8 pack, and then Sam gets onto his knees and rubs more oil into Stefans big, powerful thighs and muscular calves. Sam then feels the growing bulge in Stefans shiny adidas shorts, and pulls them down, allowing his huge, semi hard nine incher to spring free. Sam begins to suck it slowly, getting it nice and wet, and he sucks so well that Stefan gets rock solid in seconds.

Then Sam sucks it to the back of his throat, getting about two thirds of Stefans big meaty dick down.. then he forces the rest right down his throat, swallowing the entire nine inches. Stefan clearly loves this, and from here on he grips Sams head, making his suck deep, all the way down his cock making him deepthroat and swallow the whole nine inches over and over again – as much as Sam can take it – its such a huge and thick dick, even an expert deepthoater would find it difficult. But Sam makes it look almost effortless! Its the horniest sucking I’ve ever filmed!

Download the full video here

Stefan Stewart fucks a guy for the 1st time
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