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Well hung lads: Damian Boss fucks Luke Desmond

Damian Boss fucks Luke Desmond

If your idea of a good time is watching a couple of filthy bastards copping off in some dirty back-alley then you’re onto a winner here, thanks to the unrefined talents of Damian Boss and Luke Desmond – a pair of well-hung bastards who are every inch as rough and manly in action as first impressions suggest.

Indeed, these lads clearly think nothing of drinking beer and smoking a fag as they take turns to suck on each other’s knobs; with Desmond’s penchant for his mate’s over-sized uncut cock serving as the main impetus of the encounter. Not that Boss is in any way less enthusiastic – least of all when Desmond’s asshole is fully exposed and crying out to be rimmed – but it’s the younger, capped chav who appears the more desperate. No more so than when opportunity finally comes for the lad to mount Boss’ handsome monster – something that Desmond does with typical (and quite understandable) eagerness.

After all, who wouldn’t want to give a dick like that the kind of attention it deserves? Suffice to report that it’s not long before both boys are reaching the point of no return, blasting the contents of their heavy, hairy balls all over Desmond’s belly.

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Hung top Jordan Fox fucks James Carter

Jordan Fox fucks James Carter

Hot, muscled, skinhead Jordan Fox is a dominant, aggressive top, and he has a seriously thick dick and permanent hard on. It takes a brave lad to take it. Curious, cute straight muscle boy, James Carter, who loves arse play, dared to see if he could take it. At times, Jordans girth was almost too much for him. The result is an intense, seriously horny scene, with a lot of arseplay, plenty of hole stretching and awesome fuck action.

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Patrick O’Brian fucks Dan Broughton

Patrick O'Brian fucks Dan Broughton

We started this shoot Patrick telling me he had been nervous for the last two days, though once the shoot began his cock, in Dan’s mouth, is soon rock hard and he forgets all those pressures of what is to come as he enjoys Dan’s rather stunning blow job!

So why the nerves; part of Patrick is soon slipped into a condom, he stays rock hardand Dan jumps aboard, Dan squeals, Patrick pumps and we are away on a ride I don’t think Dan is ever going to forget!

Patrick had no reason to be nervous; this straight man got on with the job and pumped Dan so hard, I think he didn’t catch his breath for several days! Who wouldn’t want to be the first to get fucked by straight geezer Patrick! Wow what a shoot, Patrick you sure gave it to Dan!

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Ed Fox pounds Josh Carter hard and deep

Hard Brit Lads

Young straight hottie Josh loves arse play.. After much persuasion.. He agreed to take it further.. with mega hung 9 inch Ed Fox, who deep rims & fingers Josh, sucks him, dildos him, then fucks him long, deep and hard in three positions, making him spunk loads.

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Jordan Fox fucks Luke Desmond

British boys with huge uncut cocks

Aggressive sexy power top Jordan Fox has 9 inch hottie Luke Desmond sucking, gagging and choking on his extra thick dick in tons of positions, before spitting on his hole, fingering him, and giving him an intense, rough pounding in 3 positions.  Luke does a great job taking that huge uncut cock. The video ends in an explosion of cum! If you are a fan of cock-docking, there’s a great surprise for you in this video.

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Horny UK lads fuck hard

Toby James and Kyle Lucas at BullDogPit

If you love men with hairy legs, this scene is definitely for you! Toby James and Kyle Lucas are both gorgeous and have the most amazingly delicious legs we’ve seen in a long time. Their bodies are great and their cocks are wicked juicy! The scene is filled with tons of cock sucking and face fucking action followed by some heavy duty fucking and ass pounding. These two lads know what they want and how to get it from the moment they get their sports kit off to the fantastic cum shower.

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Ross fucks Billy Roberts

Hard Brit Lads

Masculine and super fit young scaffolder Billy Roberts gives thick dick Dad, Ross, a full servicing in this very hot, strong scene. Billy is tough, and he likes strong, dominant men, and muscular Ross gives it to him as hard as he can. These two couldnt keep their hands off each other, so before we start, I ask them a couple of questions as Im getting ready to start filming.

The scene begins with passionate kissing and groping, Ross has a massive hard bulge pointing upwards, barely contained in his shiny shorts. Billy grabs it as they kiss, squeezing it and jerking him off through the fabric of his shorts. They pull off their vests, and Ross pulls Billy into his hard nipples, which Billy licks and sucks on, before getting his own nipples sucked by Ross.

They kiss some more, and Billy gets down onto his knees, puling down Ross shorts, allowing his rock hard and very thick 8 incher to spring free. Billy opens wide and begins sucking. Billy is one helluva sucker and loves to get a big cock right down his throat, and sucks it very deep.. Ross holds the back of Billys head and pushes his cock right down his throat as far as it will go, almost making Billy gag.

Billy stands up and they kiss, then Ross gets down onto his knees to suck Billys stiff dick. Ross sucks eagerly, and a couple of times manages to get pretty much the entire length of Billys cock down.. very horny sucking. Then they move onto the floor, with Ross sitting, leaning back against the wall, and Billy on all fours, to suck him again, getting it deep down as he did before, with Ross pushing his head down firmly, making him take every inch deep into his throat. Then Ross fucks his mouth very hard and fast. Billy takes it all. It seems like nothing is too hard or too forecful for tough young Billy.

Next, Billy is on his back, with Ross knelt over him holding his legs back, his gets his face right up into Billy arse, and licks it hard, getting it really wet, and pulling his cheeks apart to get his tongue up inside Billy smooth tight hole. He rims him deep, then gently eases his finger in, pushing it all the way inside, gently fingering Billy.

After that, Ross is laying on his back on the floor, holding his big thick juicy dick up, and Billy lowers himself onto it, facing us, sliding down it, getting the length deep inside him, making his own cock stiffen till its rock solid. Billy rides it up and down for a bit, then holds himself up, allowing Ross to thrust into him. Ross thrust hard, then grabs Billys arse, pulling his butt cheeks apart, and thrusts very hard and fast, pounding Billy as fast as he can. Billy rides it again, his own cock rock solid, swinging left and right as he slides up and down.

For the next position, Billy is leaning against the wall. Ross rubs his back and forth between Billys muscular butt cheeks, then pulls his arse apart and pushes his cock in. He fucks slow at first, with long strokes, then speeds up, till he is fucking very hard, and as before, pulling Billys cheeks wide apart as he pounds him as hard as he can, maximising the intensity.

The last position sees Billy on the floor, with Ross kneeling, he pushes his cock in deep, and begins fucking with long thrusts, varying the angle and position as he fucks, keeping it very hard and intense. He fucks really well, Billy clearly loving it as he is rock solid as Ross pounds him deep. Billy starts jerking himself off, Ross continues pounding till Billy shoots thick heavy cum over his tight abs.. Ross pulls out and jerks off over him for a second, then explodes, with massive squirts of cum spraying the entire length of Billy chest.. a seriously incredible cum shot.. An explosive end to an incredibly strong scene. Awesome.

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