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Shane Lewis works his big cock

Shane Lewis jerks his big cock

With strong, dark, handsome features, and solid muscled body, (with really impressive shoulders) London lad Shane Lewis is a real fittie. He is relaxed, confident, and a very charming lad in the flesh. He goes for fit, masculine guys, and he is versatile. And when he shoots his load, he spunks hard and plenty of it.

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Brit boy threesome

Brit boy threesome with Luke Desmond, Mike Andrews and Ryan Stewart

These three boys are so eager for cock they barely register the instruction to “crack on” before Mike Andrews and Ryan Stewart are working on Luke Desmond‘s gigantic fuckmeat!

He’s not the only one packing some serious dick though, as you’ll see when all three boys are gobbling and jerking each other. Both Luke Desmond and Ryan Stewart get plenty of dick inside them before the shoot can finally end with three gushing loads!

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Kallum Ash fucks Troy Bolton

Kallum Ash fucks Troy Bolton

With his slim, near-perfect twink physique, his baby-face and his seemingly insatiable desire for hard cock, the gorgeous Troy Bolton is pretty much perfect material for any porn flick, but placing him against the rough, slightly world-weary form of Kallum Ash is an act of genius.

Kallum pretty much makes all the moves here – taking Troy back to his bed-sit, then slowly undressing and defiling the sweet creature before our very eyes. The young pretty boy’s tight-skinned cock never stands a chance, of course; nor, for that matter, does his delightful, bubble-ass.

Indeed, it’s no time at all before Ash is thrusting his own foreskinned monster into Bolton’s hungry hole. First doggie-style; then with the youngster laid out prostrate on his back. By the time Ash has spewed out the depths of his balls over the young lad’s angelic form, it’s pretty much a sure bet you’ll have dumped your own pent-up load in sweet appreciation.

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