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Hung top Jordan Fox fucks James Carter

Jordan Fox fucks James Carter

Hot, muscled, skinhead Jordan Fox is a dominant, aggressive top, and he has a seriously thick dick and permanent hard on. It takes a brave lad to take it. Curious, cute straight muscle boy, James Carter, who loves arse play, dared to see if he could take it. At times, Jordans girth was almost too much for him. The result is an intense, seriously horny scene, with a lot of arseplay, plenty of hole stretching and awesome fuck action.

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Hot UK Lad strokes his uncut cock

Ali jerks his uncut cock

Motocross riding, fucking his friends’ mums, we almost thought Ali Richardson was a super straight-acting bisexual… until he mentioned he once tried to bottom for a sausage. These days, Ali spends most of his time working out (which is evidence by that strapping body of his) and chasing the girls and the boys. He confesses if he had to chose between girls and guys, he’d probably go with the fellas!

In this video he strokes his beautiful uncut cock and shoots a big creamy load. Be sure to check it out.

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Tyler Hirst fucks Dan Broughton

Tyler Hirst fucks Dan Broughton

Tyler Hirst turned up brightly dressed and seemingly those red joggers and cocky marine attitude were red rag to the bull for Dan Broughton! He rose to the challenge of dealing with a straight lad who was getting over confident and set to with teaching him some more cock sucking tips; though ended up with Tyler showing off and flipping Dan upside down to see if he could still suck cock!

Well Dan’s talents are not so easily set off course and he still amazed Tyler giving great head while upside down! Dan then gets his treat; this horny young man tried to pretend he doesn’t like getting fucked, but you cant seem to keep straight boys out of his ass! Dan loves it, Tyler soon discovers his cock feel pretty good in his first boys ass! Pumps it hard into Dan who unloads and Tyler Pulls out and dumps all over Dan’s Face, great mess!

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