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Steven Prior’s massive uncut cock

Bull Dog Pit

Ashley Ryder is crazy for cum and he is not affraid for big cocks, double penetration and massive dildo play. Not that long ago, we have seen Ashley getting fucked by Matt Hughes’ famous monstercock, but this horny little bottom slut can’t get enough cock. In this scene Ashley is paired up with Steven Prior and his 10 inch cock. That’s well over 25 cm for our European readers!

Sitting next to Steven, Ashley’s own cock almost looks tiny (while he has quite a nice sized cock himself). The guys start to play with their cocks to get them rock hard, but it doesn’t take long before Steven’s cock is deep down Ashley’s throat. He’s a skilled cocksucker and he can take that big cock pretty far down his throat.

After playing with that huge schlong for a while, Steven sits back on the couch and Ashley rides his cock like mad. Bouncing up and down on that big dick, Ashley has to be careful not to bust his nut. The guys finish the job with some more cocksucking and insane dildo play. Ashley’s ass gets stretched to the maximum and you can see he enjoys it. That’s how a great bottom is supposed to be!

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Kyle Reed fucks Ricky Jackson at BulldogPit

UK boys fucking at BullDog Pit

Tall smooth and stunning, skinhead Ricky Jackson gets to grips with Kyle; where they want to lick and suck every part of each other!! Ricky takes the passive role and gets his hole stretched open by a huge cock!! Obviously loving it by the moans and groans, and plenty of positions, it’s not long before Ricky’s shooting his huge load everywhere!!

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Straight lad Patrick tries new toys

Patrick O'Brian

When Patrick turned up today he was even fuller of beans than usual; when we chatted about the shoot he said he was up for trying a few new toys! When we showed him the collection he was in that sort of mood, slightly shocked but up for a challenge and boy what a challenge this collection of toys was!

Patrick slips some lube up his hole with a finger and inserts the battery powered one; turns its on and pulls some funny faces! He tries the double ender and a good two thirds disappears and before long Patrick takes a deep breath and sits down on the massive blue dildo, struggles a bit though somehow manages to get half of it inside and rides it while balancing on the chest of drawers!

One horny straight lad tickling his newly discovered bits and having a ball! After all this stretching, Patrick goes back to vibrator, turns it on full and squirts a nice load all over his abs! Well done Patrick you eat the big blue one!

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