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Two hung lads suck and fuck

Max leans against a wall, outside an abandoned old building, in a barren wasteland, smoking a cigarette.. bored and horny… a sexy young skinhead lad, Billy, walks past, and seeing the bulge is Maxs trackies, pauses for a moment.. thinking.. tempted… Next thing, Max walks into the derelict building, followed by Billy.

The two lads start to kiss eagerly, Billy pulling off Maxs top to lick his hard dark nipples, and rub the solid dick bulging in his pants.. Max lifts Billys top, and sucks on his nipples, and then Billy is reaching inside Maxs trackies to release his big uncut throbbing cock. Billy gets onto his knees, kneeling amongst the rubble on the ground, and starts to suck. He tries to get the entire length down the back of his throat. He sucks it eagerly, deep, and sucks really well. Billy loves to suck and he sucks him for a while.. and then stands to kiss Max again, jerking him off, keeping his solid.

Max reaches inside Billys trackie bottoms, and takes out his stiff cock, also uncut about the same size as Max, and he gets down onto his knees, and begins sucking.. Max jerks Billys dick, licking it, gets it very wet, and then starts sucking, and lets Billy fuck his face for a bit. It’s pretty forceful. He stands and they play with each others cocks for a bit as they kiss.. and Billy cant resist sucking Max a little bit more.. he stands, and Max pushes his finger deep inside Billys arse as he kisses him.

Then Billy leans against a wall, legs spread, and Max spits into his arse, and burries his tongue right up inside him, opening up his tight little hole. Then Max sits on a bit of broken wall, holding his hard cock upright, and Billy climbs up, reaches for something to hold on to, and squats down on Maxs solid cock. He rides it well, kissing Max passionately as his hole gets fucked.

Then, Billy is up against a wall, and Max fucks him again, deep, long, strokes, building up harder and faster, till he is really pounding him hard. Billy wanks as he gets fucked, till he shoots a great load onto the floor. Max pulls out and shoots a hot thick stream of spunk onto Billys muscular arse.

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Newbie Richard fucks Lucas

New lad Richard dives straight in with some hot kissing and that doesn’t distract him long before he is trying some cock! He sucks off Lucas and manages some great deep throating taking all off Lucas and pushing hard down onto his balls! Not wanting to be outdone Lucas shows he is also a pretty good cock sucker and does the same trick on Richard!

Though Richard is bigger so I think Lucas deserves an award today! Lucas gets fucked first and its Richard is quite an ass stretcher as his cock is both thick and long and Lucas’s body is filled with big cock! The guys do some great fucking and flip flop switching around in some great positions. It all ends with Richard fucking Lucas as he dumps quite a big load on his abs, Richard pulls out and Lucas wanks him off; Richards cum landing all over Lucas!

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